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Our Story

Plano, Texas

Since its founding in 1983 by Dr. Marc Whitmore, Whitmore Dental has remained dedicated to three simple principles. These include clear communication, dedication to ethical care, and patient empowerment through education. Dr. Whitmore (link to Dr. Whitmore page) and our team of dental professionals want you to understand and choose every aspect of your care. 

Global Communication

The Whitmore Dental team is committed to global communication. We dedicate time to listen to every single patient at every single visit. Our communication to you is clean, clear and direct by design. Whether you need a bi-annual cleaning or complex dental care communication remains open and your input is welcome. 

Principles Over Profits

Dr. Whitmore and our team believe in the philosophy of principles over profits. We recommend treatment best suited for your individual health needs and goals for lasting wellness. We accept that some of our recommendations create little or no monetary profit and that is fine. You are, and will always be, more important than money.

Patients as Partners

We want to empower you with information about best care practices. We call this ideology, Patients as Partners. We respect and trust that you are the expert about your body and what is happening with it.  We are experts in delivering dental services that to enhance your health. We enroll in hundreds of hours of continuing education each year to deliver high quality care using the latest techniques and best technology.


To learn more about Whitmore Dental and our philosophy of care, contact us today through our website or call 877-77-WHITMORE (877-779-4486) to schedule an appointment.



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