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New Face Dentures™

Plano, Texas Dentures Dentist: Dr. Whitmore, DDS

Dr. Whitmore, DDS is a dentures dentist located in Plano, Texas. Whitmore Dental specializes in New Face Dentures. These custom dentures offer superior fit technology,  and enhance your appearance by filling out sunken cheeks, lifting your lower face, and refining wrinkles. 

When placed, New Face Dentures™rest on the upper and/or lower bones in your mouth and are designed to engage your jaw muscles like natural teeth. The result is a better fit, improved facial structure, proper chin placement, full cheeks, and a reduction of wrinkles near the mouth.

To learn if you are a good candidate for New Face Dentures™ please call Janet our patient coordinator at 877-77-WHITMORE (877-779-4486), or email us to schedule a consultation.

New Face Dentures vs. Traditional Dentures

Traditional dentures can replace individual teeth and help to improve your quality of life, but they will not address bone deterioration caused by missing teeth. They rest on the gums and don’t have any effect on the bone beneath the teeth. However, custom made dentures will:

  • Increase facial support
  • Reverse the process of bone tissue degeneration by stimulating underlying bone
  • Improve speaking and chewing
  • Prevent a shrunken facial appearance

At Whitmore Dental, we focus on you. We care deeply about providing the care you need, and helping you achieve optimum health. 

Your best health means keeping the bone density you have. Losing one or more teeth begins a process resulting in the loss of jawbone density. As your jawbone shrinks due to the absence of teeth, long-term damage includes increased risk for further tooth loss, as well as the appearance of a collapsed jaw. 

New Face Dentures - Restorative Dentist - Whitmore Dental

Plano, Texas Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Marc Whitmore has years of experience in restoring the jaw function and smile of patients with missing teeth. One of those options for patients with serious tooth loss issues is New Face Dentures™ .

These are custom made dentures Dr. Whitmore creates for his Plano-area patients. To find out if New Face Dentures™ are right for you, call 877-77-WHITMORE (877-779-4486) to set up an appointment with Dr. Whitmore today.


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