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Sedation Dentistry

For many of us the idea of receiving dental care creates feelings of anxiety, stress, even fear. If this is how you feel, we want you to know that you are not alone. 

Millions of people, or an estimated 42 percent of Americans, have a dental phobia. Fear of the dentist is often tied to traumatic or painful childhood experiences, feelings similar to claustrophobia, or to anxiety. In fact, we have met some of the bravest men and women who serve in the U.S. military and experience fear of the dentist, which is often related to PTSD. 

Dr. Whitmore, and our entire care team have completed advanced training to provide dental care to people who experience the highest levels of dental anxiety, and to folks who might feel a little nervous about their next dental visit. Through our advanced training, and experience, we have elected to offer options for sedation dental care, and work with you, one-on-one to determine the best approach for a relaxed, comfortable and productive course of dental treatment.

Our options for care include: 

Severe Dental Anxiety:

An anesthesiologist works side-by-side with Dr. Whitmore and our care team to administer intravenous medication during dental treatment. With I.V. sedation, you are placed into a sleep state and will not remember your dental treatment experience. While you are under, Dr. Whitmore can complete years of needed treatment in a single visit. 

Moderately Severe Dental Anxiety:

Dr. Marc Whitmore was one of the first dentists in Texas certified in sedation dental care. With sedation dentistry, Dr. Whitmore can prescribe medication, in pill form, for you to take just before your dental treatment visit.  The medication allows you to rest comfortably through treatment. During care, a trained member of our clinical team monitors your heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen intake. With sedation dentistry, Dr. Whitmore can often complete years of needed treatment in a single visit. You will need a companion to drive you to and from your appointment. Dr. Whitmore then follows up with you after your visit to ensure that you are in good health and recovering comfortably.

Moderate Dental Anxiety:

Sometimes the best resources for care are tried and true technologies. If you suffer from moderate anxiety about dental care, or simply experience a greater level of physical sensitivity to dental work, nitrous oxide also known as laughing gas, may help take the edge off of your dental treatment experience and allow for a more expedited dental care process. Nitrous oxide helps relax your system, reduces sensitivity for some, and wears off quickly. Plus, it is cost-efficient which for many people with some anxiety about care makes is an easy and helpful choice. 

Mild Dental Anxiety:

As the old adage goes, communication is key. We encourage you to share any feelings you have about care. If you feel a bit nervous or stressed, we can work with you. Our clinical care team is well trained to talk you through treatment, explain the care process and show you where you are receiving treatment. Or, if you prefer, we can create a quiet and calming atmosphere with very little talking, relaxing music, a neck pillow and a soft blanket. These holistic amenities cost nothing, and for some are enough to make the dental treatment experience comfortable. 

Dr. Whitmore cares deeply about your health. That is why your dental care experience begins with a conversation about you. We believe time is always well spent listening to what you have to say, openly discussing any fears, questions and concerns you have about your dental health. 

We invite you to learn about our approach to calming dental anxiety and providing gentle care that improves your health and appearance. Please call us to schedule your sedation conversation visit at 877-77-WHITMORE (877-779-4486)

The Sedation Dentistry Advantage

Dr. Whitmore will give you prescription medication to take before your appointment. The medication allows you to be completely relaxed and comfortable when dental treatment begins. This will help your mental state, as well as improve the quality of your visit. Some of the benefits of sedation dentistry include:

  • Allowing more treatment in one visit
  • Allowing faster treatment due to your relaxed state
  • Reduction in discomfort before, during, and after your appointment
  • Reduction in gag reflex
  • Reduction in jaw, neck, and back pain


Why Choose Dr. Whitmore

As a sedation dentist, Dr. Marc Whitmore has completed advanced, postdoctoral training to provide sedation medication and care. He has helped more than one thousand patients ease their anxiety of the dentist. His gentle care and understanding of your concerns are never overlooked. Dr. Whitmore and the entire Whitmore care team want you to receive the best dental treatment available.

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We proudly serve men and women in the Plano, Texas area.

Please do not put off the dental treatment you need. If you suffer with dental phobia, and are in need of dental care, please contact Whitmore Dental to set up a sedation dentistry appointment today. 



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