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Innovative Solutions

Our approach to your care is comprehensive. This is why each visit begins with a conversation about you. If there is a problem or symptom present, we work to identify its root cause and partner with you to restore your health through dental care. 

Innovative solutions are what we are known for because issues that at first glance may not seem related to teeth, gums, or the jaw can be resolved through holistic dental care. 

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TMJ and Headaches

If you have headaches or migraines that are unending, and your doctor hasn’t been successful in treating them, you may find that simple treatment through dentistry ends your discomfort. Painful headaches, jaw stiffness, even tinnitus may be the result of problems with a misaligned bite. Malocclusions, a problem with the way your teeth and jaw line up, can cause the main nerve in your head and face, the trigeminal nerve, to become inflamed. An inflamed jaw joint issue can radiate pain can create symptoms that include headache, ear ringing, neck and shoulder soreness, as well as jaw and chewing pain. Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD/TMJ), is the name given to several kinds of painful issues related to your oral health. Dr. Marc Whitmore has completed extensive study and training in the area of TMJ pain resolution. His approach to TMJ care is based in therapy and treatment, requiring no drugs, and no surgery. 

Sleep Apnea & CPAP Alternatives 

Sleep apnea is a serious and life-threatening condition that effects more than a quarter of adults in the U.S. Sleep apnea can contribute to heart failure, stroke and worsen certain diseases like diabetes and cognitive disorders. 

You may have sleep apnea if you snore often, or wake frequently when you sleep.  Sleep apnea occurs when you stop breathing from more than a couple of seconds during sleep. 

The most common treatment for sleep apnea is the CPAP machine, which forces oxygen into your airways while you sleep. While CPAP treatment is a great solution for sleep apnea, it does not work for everyone and causes some side effects that can be problematic. 

CPAP requires you to wear a mask, and CPAP machines make noise as they operate. This can make sleeping uncomfortable, and the noise created by the machine can interrupt sleep, if not for you, then perhaps for your bedroom partner. 

At Whitmore Dental we work with sleep apnea patients who are CPAP intolerant, hate CPAP, or are just ready for a quieter sleep experience. Dr. Whitmore works directly with you to create a custom oral appliance, similar to a retainer that helps open your airway during sleep. 

Our sleep apnea oral device creates no noise, and requires no masks. Best of all, it allows for safe and effective flow of oxygen for people who have mild to moderate sleep apnea affecting the mouth or throat. 

Please click to learn more about Dr. Whitmore’s approach to SomnoDent, the oral appliance to treat sleep apnea. 

Sedation Dentistry

If stress or fear has stopped you from making a dental appointment, you are not alone. Nearly half of us have some dental anxiety, and for some of us the feelings are so intense that Dental phobia becomes a reality. 

Our dental team is specially trained to work with people who experience high levels of dental fear. We understand that this condition is serious and it is real. We have met some incredibly courageous people who happen to be afraid of the dentist. If any of this seems like you, then you need to know that you have options for dental care. 

Sedation dentistry is changing lives for people with dental anxiety. Dr. Whitmore was one of the first dentists in Texas to complete advanced training in he administration of sedation dental care. He offers three levels of sedation care:

  1. Light - Behavioral approach plus nitrous oxide administration to diminish nervousness. 
  2. Medium – Sedative pill prescribed and taken about 30 minutes prior to dental visit 
  3. Heavy – IV sedation administered by an anesthesiologist throughout your treatment


Anxiety, stress and fear no longer need to be barriers to getting the care that you need. In many cases, adding sedation for care is quite affordable and easy. If you would like to learn more about your options for sedation dental care, please contact us today.

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