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Overbites, Underbites and Misaligned Teeth

Everyone’s bite is a little different. That variation can be genetic, or it can be the result of bad habits, such as pushing on teeth with the tongue. No matter the cause, a misaligned bite can eventually lead to crooked smiles or more serious dental problems. The good news is that there are a variety […]

Stop Me From Grinding My Teeth

Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, is very common. If you wake up with a tight or aching jaw, or headache, you may be excessively grinding and clenching your teeth while you sleep, which can lead to future dental problems. Fortunately, this is a well studied issue and there are many treatment options available through […]

Dental Anxiety Can Be Overcome

Many of us find that even the idea of going to the dentist is stressful and anxiety producing. Today’s dental techniques, such as sedation dentistry, now offer patients a relaxed way to experience dental care. Creating new, positive memories of easy procedures can change the way your mind and body reacts to a visit to […]

Wisdom Teeth Cause Problems At Any Age

Wisdom teeth are the last to come in, and often the first teeth to go. Most of our jaws no longer have space for these ancient and now unneeded third set of molars. The majority of Americans will have one or more wisdom teeth removed, often proactively removed before age 25. If not removed, adults […]

How Tobacco Impacts Oral Health

Smoking has been implicated as a risk factor for, or cause of, most major diseases facing Americans today. One of the most prevalent impacts of tobacco on health is the effect it has on teeth and gums. Tobacco use takes many forms today, each with its own dental health consequences. Cigarettes and Cigars Affect Oral […]

Is Your Smile BBQ Ready?

Summer picnics with friends and family will be more fun when you are flashing a confident smile. Some of the best-loved summer foods can be tough on teeth. Take on any food challenge this summer with a smart dental action plan. Eating with Confidence Delicious picnic and fair foods such as corn on the cob […]

Snacks That Crack Teeth

Whether its ice cubes, nuts, toasted bread, or candy, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as crunching on our favorite hard snacks, even at the risk of cracking teeth. There are no calories when chewing ice, but there can still be dental health consequences. The impact of these crunchy snacks can damage teeth in several ways. […]

Better Sleep Through Dental Treatments

According to the CDC (US Center for Disease Control), thirty percent of American adults don’t get enough sleep. Lack of sleep has joined obesity and smoking as a major risk factor for many diseases such as heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and gum disease. We may not realize that our teeth, jaws and throat are interrupting our […]

Ouch, I have a toothache!

When to Visit the Dentist for a Toothache Teeth are not supposed to hurt. Dental pain that persists is always a sign of a more serious problem. So, what is it that gives us the courage to pull a child from a burning house, but makes us hesitate to call the dentist when we have […]

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